School Success Story - Alan and Oribe

School Success Story - Alan and Oribe


Alan (6) and Oribe (8) Solis are brothers who started attending Amigo Fiel in early 2022. Their mom left them when they were younger, and now their dad and grandmother are their main care providers. Their dad, Ivan Solis, is 28 years old and works the morning shift at a local factory. His shift starts at 6:00am and ends at 3:30pm.

In order to make it to and from work, Ivan takes a 45-minute bus ride both ways. While he is at the first shift working, his mother Marisela takes care of the boys. She feeds them breakfast, helps them finish up any last minute homework, and gets them off to school.

Once the boys are on their way to school, Marisela then gets ready to work the second shift at the same factory as her son. She works from 3:30pm to 9:00pm, taking the same 45-minute bus ride.

There is a crucial gap of time between dad and grandma’s shift and that gap is also the time when Alan and Oribe get out of school.

This is where Amigo Fiel comes in (in case you had not guessed!). We pick the boys up from school and they join us every afternoon for lunch, help with their homework, and of course, a fair amount of time playing soccer or other fun things!

Both Alan and Oribe skipped a year of school because their family was having financial problems. Their family did not have the funds to buy them the supplies needed. Thanks to our faithful donors, no child at Amigo Fiel ever needs to skip any amount of school because they don’t have the basics like pencils, pens, a backpack, etc. Alan and Oribe received everything they needed to have a full, successful year back at school!

Amigo Fiel continues to be there for their family in whatever way they need, whether that’s food, prayer, or anything else life might throw their way.



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