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Growing as we meet needs.

We see fruit from these trips in two different ways. First, every trip meets a real, tangible need in the city. Mission teams work in hard places and minister to the most vulnerable population - children. But trips also allow participants to step outside their comfort zone and grow in their own relationship with God as they serve others.

Are you ready to share God's love in Juarez?

Come join the mission

Mission trips are vital to the life of Amigo Fiel. God has invited every believer to take part in the Great Commission - to make disciples of all nations.

You can be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Juarez.

Transforming the community through the next generation

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. We want you to feel confident as you prepare to come on an Amigo Fiel Mission Trip.

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Ready to Come?

To best support the ongoing local ministry, we can host about one team a month. Start planning your trip now.

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Missions 101

Our hope is that Amigo Fiel mission trips introduce and launch believers to engage  in the great commission

our missions 101 approach

Missions 101

What's great about an Amigo Fiel trip?

Besides the food? (Which is amazing!) We want trips to be accessible. Coming on an Amigo Fiel trip is a great experience for people who have never served cross-culturally before or organized any kind of mission trip. Our hope is that Amigo Fiel can be your jumping off point for a lifetime of missions.

What makes an Amigo Fiel trip accessible?

Easy travel. If you can get to El Paso, we'll take care of the rest. Once you're in Juarez, all transportation is provided.

Easy planning. Hosting trips is a huge part of what we do. It's how the ministry at Amigo Fiel got started. We provide group housing for up to 35 people, all meals, and coordinate all logistics for your activities while you are in Juarez.

Clear expectations. When you invest time and money for your group to go on a mission trip, we know you want it to be a worthy investment. We promise you'll work hard in Juarez. You'll also have face-to-face time with  people as you meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. And you'll do all this through the framework of our established, long-running programs.  

But you don't have to travel far from home to serve people. You don't even have to leave your hometown. Our hope is that once you've served on an Amigo Fiel trip, you will return home with a new zeal and desire to bless the people all around you - your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers.

An Amigo Fiel trip is a great starting place to learn what missions looks like...but our hope is that it's just the beginning.

Low cost

Bring your group to Juarez for about $100 per person, per day

Flexible group size

We can work with groups of 12 or 35 - or anywhere in between

Customizable activities

Tell us what your group can do and we'll match your skills to the needs in Juarez

Mission Trip Opportunities

In order to best support the local ministry in Juarez, we can currently host between 5-8 trips each year.

We are happy to work with each group individually to make your trip the best experience possible, while meeting specific needs in the Amigo Fiel community.

If you don't see what you're looking for in this list, let's connect. We're flexible and want to match your group to the need here in Juarez.

Please reach out using the form below to discuss trip possibilities.

Possible Activities

Vacation Bible School

Painting, roofing, or concrete work

Food distribution

Nursing home ministry

Homeless ministry

Shoe distribution

Local church outreach and evangelism

Want to come on a trip?

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Mission Trip FAQ

Is it safe?

In general, Juarez is considered safe for travel, with appropriate levels of caution. While in Juarez, our mission teams stay at what we call "The Base." We purchased this house in 1996 to provide a safe, clean, "home away from home" for teams traveling to Juarez.

Mission teams will not only have a comfortable place to sleep, but will find a welcoming smile, a hot shower, great fellowship, and delicious meals - we have some of the best cooks around! The base currently sleeps up to 60 people comfortably.

How much does it cost?

You can plan for the trip to cost between $85-$125 per person, per day. This includes all meals, transportation, and activities in Juarez. The cost of the trip will depend on what type of work your team is doing and if extra supplies are needed.

Half of your trip cost is due 30 days before your arrival. The remaining half of your total cost can be paid upon your arrival.

Who can come on a trip?

We want anyone and everyone to come! We welcome anyone 15 years or older to come on a trip. Amigo Fiel trips are great for families to serve together.

Our teams range in size from 5 people to 35 people. We have youth groups, men's groups, families, and other small groups that come to serve together.