New Life

New Life


Earlier this year we met Gael and his mom, Margarita. We had the privilege of working with Gael's older siblings about 5 years ago, and they have since graduated out of our program.

Gael's mom had been having some challenges, and her sister reminded her about Amigo Fiel and the assistance we provide. When we first met Gael and his mom, we could tell something was off, but we did not pry in the moment. We welcomed Gael and were glad to have him with us every day.

As time went on, Margarita opened up to us. She told us that Gael was not a child she had planned on having, and as a mother her stance became to give him the necessities; however, she found it difficult to be affectionate toward him. She made no effort to spend time with him or nurture his needs as her child.

Margarita has always been a hard worker. She has cut hair for over 20 years at a salon in downtown Juarez, never asking for a day off, working 7 days a week. Little by little, Margarita shared these parts of her life with us, until one day during conversation, we shared the gospel with her. Margarita gave her life to the Lord and committed her family into His hands.

Since then, there has been a radical change in her and Gael's relationship. Her heart has softened and opened to be an amazing mother to Gael. Margarita, after 20 years, asked for a more flexible schedule that includes time off so she can spend time with her son. She shared that they recently took a day to clean the house, order pizza, and spend time together.

Margarita realized that her son is amazing. He's respectful, thoughtful, and thanks to Amigo Fiel, he is learning how to live life with conviction for Christ.

Many times we do not get a full picture of the home lives of the kids we work with. We are always available to listen and counsel, but sometimes people are not ready to share. In the case of Margarita and Gael, we are beyond thankful that this family has found restoration, joy, and a new life in Christ.



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