Study Hall

Providing a space for high school students to invest in their education.

The need

As kids get older, the challenges they face grow stronger. By their early teenage years, many kids in Juarez are already actively participating in the drug scene. Our own founder, Carlos Garcia, was already involved in drug trafficking at the age of 15.

Without money for school and strong guidance, many teenagers in the community will find themselves entrenched in the local drug scene.

What we do

We want to see these teenagers reach their full potential. We know that with help, many of them can go on to college and earn degrees that will help them support a family and give back to their community.

We work with these older students every day to help them with homework and support them as they work to finish school. Our partners in the US are currently providing 9 scholarships to help cover the costs of tuition, books, uniforms, and other school supplies. With the help these kids receive through Amigo Fiel and our financial partners, they have a chance to reach their full potential.

The impact

Since 2013, we have seen 10 of our students go on to receive college degrees. We recently celebrated our two most recent graduates, one with a law degree and the second with a bachelors in international marketing.

Ways you can help

There are opportunities to provide needed resources for this program.

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