Food Bank

Providing immediate relief to food insecurity

The need

A large portion of the population of Juarez lives in extreme poverty. This results in a severe lack of access to basic life necessities like shelter and food. Recent global economic hardships have led to even more food insecurity in Mexico.

When a community suffers, children suffer the most.

What we do

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to help many families who had suffered job losses and even the loss of their home by providing bags of groceries. With the help of our generous financial partners, we are able to continue meeting the immediate need for food in our community.

When this most basic human need is met, children have more potential to thrive. By meeting physical needs, we also open a door to serve people holistically and meet their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Our prayer is that through providing physical nourishment, we are able to address people's spiritual hunger as well through the message of God's love.

The impact

In 2022, with the help of our many US partners, we distributed over 200 donations to neighbors, hospitals, and other local health organizations. These donations included groceries as well as medical supplies, diapers, and sleeping bags.

Ways you can help

There are opportunities to provide needed resources for this program.

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