We value your financial support and hope that you will continue to keep Amigo Fiel in your prayers! Know that your time, financial, and prayer investments are making an eternal impact in the people of Juarez and beyond. 

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Announcing Rounded Donations:

Ever been in the checkout line and they ask you if you want to donate your change to some charity you have never heard of? Wish you could donate your small change to Amigo Fiel? Now you can with CaringCent and it’s super easy – register your debit/credit card(s) and each time you make a purchase it is rounded up to the nearest dollar. This spare change is then forwarded to Amigo Fiel.

Round up to donate the difference. Illustration.

You can set a donation limit if you want AND you will received a tax receipt so if you itemize your taxes this is a deductible donation.

Donate to a cause you truly care about, register your card today, click here to start.